IP2 – Overall and Per Socket Energy Monitored Power Distribution Unit

Product Overview

iPower® IP2  is a 3rd Generation energy monitor providing local and remote overall / Strip level energy monitoring with better than 1% Accuracy, with Individual Socket Monitoring, Manufactured as a single, dual, or Three phase unit capable of loads up to 125Amps it can be built as a multi socket Power Strip with up to 48 outlets incorporating any type of Socket and Mains Lead termination. iPower® IP2 Also has environmental ports for the connection of Temperature and Humidity Sensors, Security Ports for Access Control, Volt Free Conects, and a USB Port plus units can be daisy chained so up to 32 devices can be monitored through a single IP Address. All units have a fitted display and can be remotely monitored through the network port via the internal web browser or over SNMP and Telnet, plus others.

Overall Energy Measurements with an Accuracy of better than 1% include:

  • RMS Volts
  • RMS Amps
  • Kilowatts
  • Frequency
  • Power Factor
  • Internal PDU Temperature
  • Peak Volts
  • Peak Amps
  • kVA
  • kWh

Per Socket Measurements include:

  • Amps
  • VA
  • kWh

iPower® IP2 Is part of the iPower® family, and can be Monitored via the HTML Interface, or our Free of Charge PDU Agent Software, or integrated into third party software using our MiB File.

iPower® IP2 Provides a thorough analysis of real time power usage across all connected devices.

iPower® IP2 has an easy-to-use HTML interface with the ability to set SNMP and Email alerts for all critical parameters. iPower® IP2 can be Daisy Chained up to 32 PDUs from a single IP Address.

iPower® IP2 Is configurable to suit individual requirements. It can be built as a multi socket PDU with up to 48 Individually Monitored Sockets.

iPower® IP2 Will work in conjunction with other iPower® products, to create a fully flexible monitoring system allowing products with different functionality to work together.

iPower® IP2 supports a range of external Accessories that further enhance its capabilities, making it a powerful device for overall power, environmental monitoring and Access Control Functionality, (See Features)

On screen guide makes installation simple

Each of the inbuilt HTML pages contain instructions to guide you through the setup process and explains how to set traps and alerts for critical parameters.

PDU Agent™ Management Software

Consolidate all your readings with PDU Agent.

Entry level management platform with easy to use dashboard layout lets you log measurements and events from multiple iPower® products for historical evaluation and to collate and produce accurate usage reports.


Overall power monitoring with environmental and security capabilities.

IP1 Details


Overall and per socket power monitoring with environmental and security capabilities.

IP2 Details


Overall and per socket power monitoring with per socket switching, environmental and security capabilities.

IP3 Details


As per the IP3 with sequence start up capabilities.

IP4 Details

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